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FAQs About Biblical Counselling

Welcome to the blog portion of "All Things with Melanie Hart", a counselling toolkit for my biblical counselling clients. Through increased content on my website as well as a new podcast of the same name (found on Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Anchor , and posted to YouTube ), I am endeavouring to build a toolkit for my clients... for beyond the session. In this blog, I am endeavouring to answer some FAQs around "What Is Biblical Counselling?" And, if you'd prefer the audio version, here it is below. The term "Biblical Counselling" is not as familiar to those of us in Canada as our neighbours to the south of us. I wonder also if it also runs a little more popular along certain denominational lines. That would make sense, for example, if a person were to hold to a Reformed faith, one that upholds the Authority of Scriptures. A quick Wikipedia search defines this a little further: "Sola Scriptura (" by scripture alone " in English) is a the
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The "One" Gospel: A 61+ Biblical Reference Walkthrough

Welcome to the blog part of my biblical counselling toolkit! Feel free to Print This! , grab your Bible, a notebook, a pen, a highlighter, and explore the Gospel of God from Genesis to Revelation. I encourage you to look up these verses for yourself, with your own Bible in hand, at your own pace of study, to get you into the pages of the wondrous Word of God. And as much as I love how we have the canon of scripture (and the many translations) at our fingertips on our devices, I'm gonna go all old school on you and say there isn't anything like having a Bible on your lap (not lap top ), and hearing the pages, like fall leaves dancing on a breezy day, whirl as you turn to "his precious and very great promises" ( 2 Peter 1:4 ). However, for your convenience, I have linked each of the 60+ verses contained in this "One Gospel" walkthrough for your viewing pleasure to an online bible study app, The Bible Gateway . You are welcome! Alternatively, there is also Th